Pet and dream here

Pets In the dream feels comfortable of the page, pet I got from, ….. through the kindness and healing
pet through, felt and, I think that if you can give your serve you information.
We introduce handmade hood’s knowledge for pets,hobby clothes using pet’s children’s clothes, and so on.
I am also introducing my amusing “impossible stories” experience.
Pet and enjoyable life

As a beginner I gradually have a life work

with a pet while studying and devising.Here I think that I should be able to tell you my experience,friends’ experiences useful.
I have a dog. I do not speak any words …

But … When I live together, my emotions are transmitted as to what I am thinking.
That’s why I want to pour a cup of love.

Pets are sometimes love like lovers Sometimes they face each other like friends We
My dog
I have two toy poodles now.Character is completely different, right? Naturally ….

My eldest son Toy poodle COCO (here) is like 2 years old, like a wise, calm and kind sister.

The girl ‘s toy poodle underneath is like a younger brother (yeah?) At age 1, a young cub and a young brother.

Surrounded by such children

I feel the meaning of recognizing a gentle heart and defending.
Dogs and cats were always there when I was little, but I was pretty when my convenience was right.

The care was my mother … Because
the teacher of a psychiatrist told me that the child who keeps pets as a child and the child not kept are different… a gentle heart and consideration are born Have a nice day.

So it was that a child with experience of keeping animals did not abuse animals.

As one of the treatments for elderly people with dementia, there is also animal therapy and so on.

You got a lot of healing and affection.